Charm With Me Club (September 2016) Unboxing 

Hi my friends! 

So I was finally able to get my hands on a Charm with me club subscription box! I subscribed to the September Harry Potter “Defence Against The Dark Arts” box because I love all Harry Potter items and WOW I am really amazed by the quality of these charms. This box I got the following items:

  • A Charm With Me Club bracelet in a cute purple pouch for safe keeping.
  • A photo of our favorite Defense against the dark arts dueling scene from the movie.
  • 4 Defense against the dark arts charms.

Charm With Me Club Box
The September 2016 box – Unboxed

Once you sign up for the first time, you get to choose a free bracelet; Either a silver fully charmed bracelet or a double wrap black bracelet. I got the silver one because I loved the 12 charms that originally came with the bracelet. My favorite charm out of these 12 must be the one with the chain that is used at the end of the bracelet. This is because it doesn’t allow the charms to fall off every time you open the bracelet. 😍 *Clever idea from the team*

The original silver bracelet

Each month, you get two or more fandom charm beads. This month’s fandom was Harry Potter with every one’s favorite subject “Defense Against The Dark Arts”. These charms have spells written on them. These spells are:

  • Expelliarmus : To disarm your enemy in a duel or a fight.
  • Stupefy: To stun your enemies or freeze objects.
  • Alohomora: To unlock doors.
  • Obliviate: To erase a person’s memories.

Of course my favorite is Expelliarmus which I am sure a lot of people love as well.

A close up of the HP defence against the dark arts charms
Here are a few other photos:

CWMC Unboxed
The charms are added to the bracelet. It looks full now!
And finally here is a close up of the bracelet.

I am currently obsessed with this bracelet. Let me know if you have bought a CWMC box before and which month did you originally subscribe to!

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