Fairy Loot October “Steampunk Rebellion” Unboxing

Last month, my Fairy Loot box arrived very late. However, I am so happy that I got my October Fairy Loot box on time.  
We received 7 items this month and I am SO happy with all of the items inside. Here are the items I received:

  • Erudite candle from Meraki Candles
  • Clockwork ring by Cogs and Curiosities 
  • Mechanical butterfly necklace by Fairy Loot
  • Tea towel by Read at Midnight
  • Elias lip balm (An Ember in the Ashes) by Behind The Pages
  • Will magnetic bookmark by Happy Hello Inc.
  • Clock Washi tape by Fairy Loot

Fairy Loot October “Steampunk Rebellion” Unboxing
This month’s book
This month’s book is Metaltown which came with a signed bookplate, letter and badge. We also received the monthly FairyScoop mini magazine that has an interview with the author of this month’s book “Kristen Simmons”. 
The Infernal Devices Quote Tea Towel

I am SO happy with all of the items. I especially love the tea towel since I am a HUGE fan of the Infernal devices and I was so EXCITED to see that I received the Will bookmark because of course I am rooting for Wessa!

Cute little goodies

The Elias lip balm is the first lip balm I received from Behind The Pages. It really makes your lips feel soft and I really liked the golden glitter to it because it looks amazing on your lips. It also smells like cinnamon and spices which somehow smells really nice. And I think that the WashiTape we received is perfect for my new Gryffindor book journal.


I am happy that I received the Erudite candle because I see myself as a mixture of Erudite and Dauntless. Although I wouldn’t mind receiving the Dauntless chocolate cake candle. The Erudite candle smells really fresh with a hint of citrus. 

Clockwork Jewelry
The jewelry we received this month was so cool. I wore them all day yesterday and felt like I was Tessa from the Infernal Devices. They were so cool that even my mom thought they look awesome.

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