Disappointing Reads Of 2016

Hey guys!

Now that I have posted about my favorite books of 2016, I am going to let you know about my most disappointing reads of the year.

There are many reasons why I have been disappointed by these books, but they were mainly because of the hype that went around them. It doesn’t mean that these books are bad books, it’s just that I wish that I have enjoyed them better.
I apologize in advance if you feel offended to see your favorite book below, but I am sure you know that each person has a different reading experience which affects how they feel about the book.

Here are my disappointing reads from least disappointing to most disappointing:


  • City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare (4 stars)
  • The Rest Of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness (4 stars)
  • A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall (3 stars)
  • During One Day (in Arabic) by Shahad Musa’ad (2 stars)
  • The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (2 stars)
  • White Crow by Markus Sedgwick (1 star)

Now I was somewhat disappointed by City of Bones mainly because I watched the Shadowhunters TV show before I started the series (That was a HUGE mistake) and was comparing it a lot with The Infernal Devices series (which was the second series written by Cassandra). This means that her writing grew profusely between the two series to the point that I was expecting a LOT from TMI. I also need to mention that the farther I went into the series, the more I enjoyed it.

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