November and December 2016 Book Haul

Hey you guys!!!!
It is now the end of the month which also means ………… BOOK HAULS!

I do apologize for not posting my November book haul as I thought it didn’t deserve a whole blog post. Now that I gathered all the books I got within these two months, I believe that that wasn’t such a great idea after all. *cringe*

This is a huge haul so I will not be posting the synopsis of each book. However, I will post the links to each book’s Goodreads pages just in case you would like to know more about the book (and maybe add it to your TBR as well).


I actually won Three Dark Crowns in a giveaway hosted by the sweet Ania from @anarchy_in_the_library on Instagram. I am still very happy about it because I really wanted to read this book.


Most of these books were purchased on Black Friday but they just arrived. I am still waiting for three books to arrive so hopefully I will be hauling them in January.

So I had 18 new books within these two months and I am very grateful to have them all. How many new books did you get this December? And have you read any of them?

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