How I edit my bookstagram photos: A Full Guide

Hello my beautiful friends! Today, I'll show you how I edit my bookstagram photos so you can create the same effect.

I mainly use two apps to create that effect. I will show you how to recreate it step by step below:

1. Take a photo using your phone: I always use my phone for bookstagram photos. It's much easier to take them, edit and upload them and it doesn't take a huge amount of time.

2. Use VSCO app: This is the main app I use to edit my photos. It has so many great edits and features and let's you download the photo with the highest quality.

3. Upload your photos in VSCO: you can add multiple photos at once ( Great for photo shoots).

4. Edit the photo filter: First choose the A5 filter (at 12) to your photo to make it more colorful.

5. Edit the photo settings: My photos are edited using the below settings.

5.1. Bonus perk, You can copy and paste the pre-used settings to all of your other photos.

6. Save the photo using the actual size for full quality.

7. If the photo needs additional editing, I use Instagram's edit tools to do the final tweaks before uploading.

8. Use the Warmth tool to make the photo have that beautiful warm glow if it doesn't feel right after VSCO's edits (I usually don't go over + 20 as I only need a natural pop of color).

9. And voilà! 

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