Adore A Book


My name is “Marwa” and this is my bookish blog. I have decided to create a space where I can write about books I have read,loved, or going to read and share them with every book lover out there!

I have started reading English books starting from the 7th grade and have not stopped since then. The first long book I remember reading was “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien for school and loved it. The librarian in my middle school also encouraged me to read and recommended many books in which I still love today (ex: Harry Potter, The Old Kingdom series, and many others).

My favorite book genres include fantasy, dystopian, contemporaries, historical fiction and young adult.

Last year, I have discovered the world of booktube and bookstagram where book lovers shared their bookish journeys. I have decided to create my Bookstagram account in December 2015 and share my own journey to you all. You can also find my Goodreads account which was created in May 2013.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts!


Adore A Book